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Awareness raising, capturing and disseminating experiences, lessons-learned and best practices.

To raise awareness of project stakeholders and beneficiaries on various aspects related to the project objective, the project will develop and implement an awareness raising plan that is expected to reach ~ 20,000 people.

The Indonesia project, being a part of the Global Opportunities for Long-term Development of the ASGM sector, GEF GOLD programme, will also be able to benefit from the efforts of the UNEP implemented GEF GOLD global child project that will unify and coordinate efforts among all the GEF GOLD child projects, focusing on the capturing of experiences and lessons-learned and subsequentely disseminating knowledge generated to a wider ASGM audience to help Parties to the Minamata Convention meet their obligations to reduce and, where feasible, eliminate mercury use in ASGM. For example, the Indonesia GEF GOLD project will report its results to the global child project for analysis and reporting purposes on a quartery basis using report templates provided by the GEF GOLD global component. In turn, experiences, lessons-learned and best practices will be disseminated by the GEF GOLD global component.

In addition, the Indonesia project will participate in yearly face-to-face Programme Conferences, Global ASGM Forums and monthly programme/project calls with all the eight (8) GEF GOLD child country projects. These exchanges will facilitate South-South and Triangular Cooperation and dissemination of experiences, lessons-learned and best practices.